About Primitiv Group

Primitiv Group is a forward-thinking company dedicated to the advancement of cannabis as a form of elevated wellness, believing that the plant holds incredible potential as a healing agent.  
Primitiv was co-founded by 2021 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee, Calvin Johnson Jr., and Rob Sims, former NFL teammates that suffered from the long-term physical effects of injuries sustained during their playing careers, and who both turned to cannabis as a form of holistic relief. Primitiv’s vision is to positively impact the global cannabis industry,  changing stigmas and stereotypes by educating people about the plant’s benefits and producing innovative products that help people and athletes optimize their wellness through plant-based medicine.  
Primitiv is a member of the Michigan Cannabis Industry Association which advocates for a favorable political policy environment for Cannabis to thrive by promoting sensible laws,  regulations and setting industry best practices among members. They are also part of a consortium with the International Phytomedicines Institute at Harvard University, working to expand research and disseminate information on the Health benefits of cannabis on a wide range of medical conditions, including chronic pain, CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy), and cancer treatment. 
Primitiv is active in the Homegrown Detroit equity program and serve as advisors for the Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to cannabis criminal justice reform. 
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